Resources for Oracle Database, WebLogic Server and Java on Microsoft Azure

In recent years, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc has been working to support Oracle developers and IT pros who want to run Oracle products on Windows or Linux on Microsoft’s Azure platform. There have been numerous developments that we’d like to share with you today. Last year, Microsoft signed license and … Read More

New Tutorial: Running Play Framework Applications in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

You can run pretty much anything on Azure. Here at Microsoft Open Technologies, we use Azure extensively to build technical bridges between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, including Linux and Java. So it should come as no surprise that the JVM-based Play framework is no exception. In case you’re new to … Read More

WinJS 3.0: cross-platform and open source goodness

Today WinJS (the Windows Library for JavaScript) got promoted to version 3.0, with cross-platform support enhancements, new features, and more open source tooling. Try it out for yourself on! WinJS is a JavaScript library open sourced by MS Open Tech that was initially designed for JavaScript Windows Store Applications … Read More

Understanding Docker Containers on Microsoft Azure with Kubernetes Visualizer

The Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. engineering team has been hard at work bringing Docker and Kubernetes support to Microsoft Azure, as we promised in July. Today we are announcing that Kubernetes can be used to manage your Docker containers on Microsoft Azure. In addition the Azure team has released the … Read More

Azure Preview Portal and Azure Gallery Now Draw Images from VM Depot

Today Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise in Microsoft Corp. announced that Virtual Machine Images from VM Depot are now available the Azure Preview Portal and as well as the Azure Gallery. VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of pre-configured operating systems, applications, and development stacks for … Read More

Microsoft, Google, Hookflash and others Co-Author Real-Time Communications Specification

There is a growing industry interest in the Object Real-Time Communications API (ORTC) as a foundation for real-time communications among mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Today, the W3C ORTC Community Group reached an important milestone by issuing an updated draft specification authored by Microsoft, Google, Hookflash and others. Developed within … Read More

GeekWire “Geek of the Week” Jean Paoli, president of Microsoft Open Technologies

Our MS Open Tech President Jean Paoli was featured as the “Geek of the Week” in GeekWire last week. Jean is widely known as a co-creator of the W3C XML 1.0 standard and a passionate champion for interoperability, open source and open standards. But this article goes much deeper. In … Read More

Wait for it – HTTP/2 begins Working Group Last Call!

Updated August 7, 2014 with ALPN as proposed standard Working Group Last Call (WGLC) was finally announced for HTTP/2, ending on September 1st! This is an important milestone in the standards process. With the publication of the sixth implementation draft, the technical requirements for HTTP/2 are now reaching closure in … Read More