W3C promotes Pointer Events to Proposed Recommendation

Today the W3C promoted the Pointer Events specification to Proposed Recommendation status coming just before a technology becomes a recommended standard. Pointer Events is a technology originally implemented in Internet Explorer to simplify the way developers deal with input events in a web application or site, abstracting the type of … Read More

POCO now supported in openFrameworks for Modern Windows Apps

Building on the work our engineering team at MS Open Tech has done to ported openFrameworks on Modern Windows apps, and Universal apps , we’ve taken it a step further to make network libraries accessible to creative developers. These openFrameworks contributions include POCO libraries  that effectively wrap the three main … Read More

Connecting the IoT dots with a simple open source project: ConnectTheDots.io

Here comes ConnectTheDots.io, a new open source project by MS Open Tech that will help you get started connecting tiny devices to the cloud and implementing data analytics easily with Microsoft Azure services such as Event Hubs, Stream Analytics and Machine Learning. The project is so simple that everyone at … Read More

Moodle working with Office 365: a new MS Open Tech open source plugin for education and business

The open source Moodle project is the most popular learning management system (LMS) in the world, and Office 365 offers the most popular productivity software and services in the world. So if you’re looking to create a highly productive learning environment for both students and teachers, you’re probably working with … Read More

Cocos2d-x on Windows Devices: significant performance improvements thanks to ANGLE

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, the contributors to the MS Open Tech ANGLE GitHub fork are working hard with the community to improve support across various versions of Modern Windows, with special attention to performance issues. We are now integrating the latest version of ANGLE into several … Read More

Visual Studio Community 2013: The New Essential for Your Open Source Toolbox

Last week, Microsoft’s Visual Studio team announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Community, offering professional grade development tools to build free or paid apps for Windows, the Web and also for Android and iOS (Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova) – for FREE*! Organizations of all sizes can take … Read More