Docker Community Updates from Tech Ed and Docker Global Hack Day

As MS Open Technologies, Inc. recently announced our intention to build upon an existing engagement with the Docker community, Microsoft Corp. selected the TechEd Europe conference in Barcelona this week to demonstrate some of our work on the Docker Client tools. In Mark Russinovich’s section of the opening keynote, he … Read More

Graphics Diagnostics (formerly PIX) and OpenGL ES via ANGLE

The Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics tools (formerly known as “PIX for Windows”) are a fantastic set of graphics analysis tools for Windows and Windows Phone, designed to help DirectX developers diagnose rendering issues and identify performance bottlenecks in their applications. The tools are great for developers who want to take … Read More

IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin connects Android Apps and Java Cloud middleware to Office 365 and Azure Services – New “MS Open Tech Tools”

Microsoft Open Technologies has released today an initial preview of a plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio that enables developers of Android Apps to connect to Office 365 services and Azure Mobile Services, and developers of Java middleware to connect to Azure compute services. The “MS Open Tech Tools plugin … Read More

MS Open Tech jump-starts new KAIYUANSHE alliance in China to promote open source development

NI HAO! It’s a new day in Beijing, and I’m thrilled to report that yesterday MS Open Tech China was proud to be a founding member of KAIYUANSHE (开源社), an alliance organized by enterprises, communities, and individuals with the mission of supporting and promoting open source in China. Open source … Read More

Docker Containers Coming to a Microsoft or Linux Server Near You

Microsoft today announced that it will deliver new container technologies in the upcoming wave of Windows Server releases. In addition, a new partnership between Microsoft Corp. and Docker Inc. will bring Windows Server support to Docker tools. MS Open Tech will contribute to this partnership, and will build upon our … Read More