Visual Studio Community 2013: The New Essential for Your Open Source Toolbox

Last week, Microsoft’s Visual Studio team announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Community, offering professional grade development tools to build free or paid apps for Windows, the Web and also for Android and iOS (Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova) – for FREE*! Organizations of all sizes can take … Read More

Microsoft contributes to open source project AllJoyn, MS Open Tech Ensures Interoperability

Windows 10 will seamlessly connect with AllJoyn enabled devices.   Today Microsoft announced that it is implementing AllJoyn into Windows 10 and that customers engaged in the Windows Insider program will get a chance to develop against in-box Windows AllJoyn bits. In the process of implementing AllJoyn support in Windows products, … Read More

Cordova Certificate issue: We’re working on it

If you’re trying to build application with Cordova today aiming windows platform, you’ll receive an error message about an Expired Certificate: error APPX0108: The certificate specified has expired A certificate in the Windows platform template has expired on 11/11/2014 and as a result, building Windows using the Cordova command line … Read More

MS Open Tech China Introduces Azure-Based Open Data Solution Using CKAN and OData Technologies

Today, MS Open Tech China released a new, open data solution for Microsoft Azure built around CKAN, an open source data portal, and an optimized OData plugin developed to specific requirements for the Chinese market. This solution leverages important technology components from the China software development market with a performant … Read More

Creating CoreWindow and SwapChainPanel window

In the future-dev branch of ANGLE, we introduced IInspectable as a new EGL native window type that can be used with eglCreateWindowSurface.  IInspectable types enable ANGLE to support creation of EGL window surfaces that can be used in Windows Store applications.  Supported IInspectables include ICoreWindow, ISwapChainPanel and IPropertySet. The “App … Read More

IBM WebSphere, MQ and DB2 are now on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft recently announced a new partnership with IBM, delivering key components of the IBM Information Management and Database stacks to Microsoft Azure. Last week, MS Open Tech released Azure Virtual Machine images for IBM MQ, WebSphere Application Server, and DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server.  Here’s what you see in the Azure Portal … Read More

Docker Community Updates from Tech Ed and Docker Global Hack Day

As MS Open Technologies, Inc. recently announced our intention to build upon an existing engagement with the Docker community, Microsoft Corp. selected the TechEd Europe conference in Barcelona this week to demonstrate some of our work on the Docker Client tools. In Mark Russinovich’s section of the opening keynote, he … Read More

Graphics Diagnostics (formerly PIX) and OpenGL ES via ANGLE

The Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics tools (formerly known as “PIX for Windows”) are a fantastic set of graphics analysis tools for Windows and Windows Phone, designed to help DirectX developers diagnose rendering issues and identify performance bottlenecks in their applications. The tools are great for developers who want to take … Read More