MS Open Tech jump-starts new KAIYUANSHE alliance in China to promote open source development

NI HAO! It’s a new day in Beijing, and I’m thrilled to report that yesterday MS Open Tech China was proud to be a founding member of KAIYUANSHE (开源社), an alliance organized by enterprises, communities, and individuals with the mission of supporting and promoting open source in China. Open source … Read More

Docker Containers Coming to a Microsoft or Linux Server Near You

Microsoft today announced that it will deliver new container technologies in the upcoming wave of Windows Server releases. In addition, a new partnership between Microsoft Corp. and Docker Inc. will bring Windows Server support to Docker tools. MS Open Tech will contribute to this partnership, and will build upon our … Read More

Choosing the best GitHub branch of ANGLE

If your application is targeting Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 then you should choose the future-dev branch of ANGLE (  Future-dev contains performance improvements which include reduced CPU memory usage, better utilization of the GPU, runtime shader compilation and improved support for Feature Level 9_3 hardware.  This branch also … Read More

Latest Updates for the Cross platform Microsoft Azure CLI

The Azure Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface (xplat-cli) is an important tool which helps to ensure all Microsoft Azure users, regardless of their chosen operating system, can manage Azure resources in scripting environments. The project is a collaboration between Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. and Microsoft Azure, and it provides users with much … Read More

A Growing Azure and Windows Community at PuppetConf

The provocative “convince your boss” email that the PuppetConf 2014 conference organizers provided for prospective attendees this year began with: “Automating IT has become critical to business strategy. For [your company] to stay competitive, we need to continually educate ourselves on the newest IT innovations that boost productivity and keep … Read More