• MS Open Tech jump-starts new KAIYUANSHE alliance in China to promote open source development

    NI HAO! It’s a new day in Beijing, and I’m thrilled to report that yesterday MS Open Tech China was proud to be a founding member of KAIYUANSHE (开源社), an alliance organized by enterprises, communities, and individuals with the mission of supporting and promoting open source in China. Open source … Read More

  • Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java October Update

    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. has released an update to the open source Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java. In this release, we’ve fixed a number of reported bugs and included some enhancements to the August 2014 release: Performance improvements in the Publish to Cloud scenarios Support for an updated version … Read More

  • Apache Cordova: Building an iPad App from Windows

    Since the Multi Device Hybrid Apps Design (MDD) came available, it has quickly proven itself as an amazingly easy way to build cross platform apps from Visual Studio. In this post I wish to share with you my latest experiment: Building iPad apps for Cordova using WebGL. In my previous … Read More

  • Moving forward with the open source Open XML SDK

    It’s been a few months since the Open XML SDK was released as an open source project, and the project has been moving forward due to some great contributions from various project members. This week I had the opportunity to discuss the evolution of the Open XML SDK with Jeremy … Read More