• Improving your ANGLE app’s performance: the basics

    This post is the first in a series designed to help you get great performance out of ANGLE when writing your Windows Store App for OpenGL ES. You can find other posts in the series here. More technical posts will be available soon, explaining how you can optimize your OpenGL … Read More

  • Visual Studio Community 2013: The New Essential for Your Open Source Toolbox

    Last week, Microsoft’s Visual Studio team announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Community, offering professional grade development tools to build free or paid apps for Windows, the Web and also for Android and iOS (Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova) – for FREE*! Organizations of all sizes can take … Read More

  • Working with the Azure Java SDK – a Partner Perspective

    It’s great to see partners working with our tools. It’s even better when they love working with them! MS Open Tech has been working with JetBrains for a while now to produce the MS Open Tech Tools Plugin for IntelliJ / Android Studio developers to connect Android Apps and Java … Read More

  • Windows 8.1 Universal App Support in Cocos2d-x v2.2.5

    In our recent blog post, we spoke about Universal Apps support coming to Cocos2d-x V3. The response of the community was positive and encouraging, but it often came with the same follow up question : “what about support for V2” ? We recognize that while the maintainers of the Cocos2d-x … Read More