• Redis for Windows 2.8.17 released

    MS Open Tech has released Redis for Windows version 2.8.17, available as redis-64 packages for Chocolatey and Nuget. You can also download full source code from the Redis on Windows repo on GitHub. Redis is a popular open source in-memory data structure server known for high performance and offering support for … Read More

  • Easy Deploy Linux Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure

    A new feature – developed by the MS Open Tech engineering team – allows users to launch open source software stacks from VM Depot as Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines from without leaving the community-managed repository. With an ever growing number of open source virtual machine images to choose from, this … Read More

  • MS Open Tech’s First contribution to OpenJDK

    I’m pleased to share the news that MS Open Tech’s first contribution to Java has now been accepted into OpenJDK’s JDK9 dev stream. This means that in a not so distant future Java applications on Windows will see value from a serious performance increase for distributed cloud scenarios, especially when … Read More

  • MS Open Tech jump-starts new KAIYUANSHE alliance in China to promote open source development

    NI HAO! It’s a new day in Beijing, and I’m thrilled to report that yesterday MS Open Tech China was proud to be a founding member of KAIYUANSHE (开源社), an alliance organized by enterprises, communities, and individuals with the mission of supporting and promoting open source in China. Open source … Read More