• Graphics Diagnostics (formerly PIX) and OpenGL ES via ANGLE

    The Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics tools (formerly known as “PIX for Windows”) are a fantastic set of graphics analysis tools for Windows and Windows Phone, designed to help DirectX developers diagnose rendering issues and identify performance bottlenecks in their applications. The tools are great for developers who want to take … Read More

  • MS Open Tech releases Open Source Microsoft cloud server Chassis Manager software V2

    Today a post on Microsoft’s Server & Cloud blog covered plans to announce at the Open Compute Project (OCP) EU Summit the completion of a 2nd-generation Open CloudServer (OCSv2) specification. This is an exciting step for the industry, and as part of this development MS Open Tech is pleased to … Read More

  • MS Open Tech News from TechEd Europe

    After a great first day here at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, there is so much news to share that I almost don’t know where to start! It wasn’t so long ago that TechEd Europe was mostly a venue for Microsoft to share news and guidance from TechEd North America with … Read More

  • W3C Charts a Course for the Future of the Open Web by Finalizing HTML5 Standard

    Imagining what the Web might (not) have become without standards, and you will understand why we all must support an open web platform for the future. Today marks a significant milestone for a great many of my colleagues around the world with whom I have had the privilege of working … Read More