• New Open XML PowerTool Cmdlet simplifies retrieval of document metrics

    It’s been a good year for Open XML developers. The release of the Open XML SDK as an open source project back in June was well-received by the community, and enabled contributions such as the makefile to automate use of the SDK on Mono and a Visual Studio project for … Read More

  • jQuery Adopts Pointer Events

    Today, the jQuery Foundation announced that it will take over the development and maintenance of a polyfill for Pointer Events initially created by Google as part of the Polymer project. This is great news for web developers who seek a simple unified model to manage multiple input types (mouse, touch … Read More

  • W3C promotes Pointer Events to Proposed Recommendation

    Today the W3C promoted the Pointer Events specification to Proposed Recommendation status coming just before a technology becomes a recommended standard. Pointer Events is a technology originally implemented in Internet Explorer to simplify the way developers deal with input events in a web application or site, abstracting the type of … Read More

  • VM Depot Gets a New Look

    VM Depot has become the go-to location for community maintained open source virtual machine images for Microsoft Azure. Since the site launched nearly two years ago, VM Depot has helped people to discover, deploy, test and use open source software in the cloud. In recent months, we realized that the … Read More