Cloud Apps

As today’s mixed IT environments move to the cloud, there is increasing interest in interoperability, flexibility, and choice. Developers and IT pros want to use “best of breed” tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and manage cloud services and applications, while protecting their existing investments in technology and training. MS Open Tech works closely with open source communities and standards organizations to help create Cloud Standards ensure that customers can use their favorite open source languages, frameworks, and tools to build on Microsoft’s cloud platforms.

MS Open Tech drives a wide range of projects to enable the use of open standards and open source on Microsoft platforms. We are engaged with various communities in the development of open cloud standards such as OData, AMQP, WS-Management, and OVF within DMTF, ISO, OASIS, W3C, and we have also worked to enable the use of many open source technologies on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is an open platform – supporting multiple protocols, standards, languages, OSS packages, development tools, server operating systems, and client devices. MS Open Tech is at the heart of this trend, working closely with the Microsoft Azure engineering teams to deliver customer choice as enabled by the Interoperability Elements of a Cloud Platform

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