VM Depot: a Repository of Virtual Machine Images for Azure

What is VM Depot?

VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Windows Azure. Us it to find your favorite software and deploy it in minutes, or join the community, build a virtual machine image, and share it with others.

VM Depot is of interest to those who wish to:

  • Discover useful Virtual Machine Images to be deployed on Windows Azure
  • Publish Virtual Machines for use by others

Discover Useful Images

Using VM Depot you can:

  1. Quickly and painlessly evaluate solutions
  2. Find vendors to provide support
  3. Leverage Azure features
  4. Quickly move trials to production Azure solutions
  5. Customize and reshare Virtual Machine Images

VM Depot provides open source and freely redistributable solutions hosted on production grade Infrastructure as a Service. These solutions can be modified and re-shared to address specific use cases. VM Depot is a convenient way to test potential solutions and then quickly ramp up production services.

Publish Images

Publishing virtual machine images presents the following opportunities:

  1. Build community around your open source offerings
  2. Generate pre-sales leads for products and services based on open source solutions
  3. Encourage early testing of new releases
  4. Integrate Azure services to provide a “best on Azure” offering
  5. Encourage the community to customize and republish images for specific use cases

VM Depot provides publishers the opportunity to engage in early review of their solutions, improving testing feedback and encouraging a community to build and share use-case specific configurations of your software. All this leads to better software and more sales leads.

Openness and Windows Azure

The Windows Azure global platform is an open and flexible cloud platform, allowing customers to quickly build, deploy and manage applications. Windows Azure not only embraces a wide-range of open source languages, it supports the use of open source databases and other services as well.

Windows Azure Cloud Services are exposed through open APIs that rely on the same standard protocols that advanced the Web including HTTP, XML, REST, and SOAP allowing developers using any language to connect and consume these services.

Open-source cross-platform tools developed by MS Open Tech make it possible to deploy and manage Windows Azure virtual machines from Linux and Mac workstations, in addition to Windows.