Orchard Azure Media Services

MS Open Tech created a feature plugin for Orchard the open source .NET Content Management System (CMS) for those looking for a convenient user interface for managing hosted video content using Microsoft Azure Media Services.

New capabilities through the Orchard Azure Media Services  module include:

  • Uploading and encoding video files from within the Orchard CMS:
    • Content can be uploaded directly in the Orchard CMS using all formats supported by Media Services
    • Content can be encoded in various formats, including dynamic bitrates (Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH)
    • the ability to manage Media Services jobs
  • Publishing videos directly to Web blogs or site pages in Orchard:
    • Set access policies
    • Schedule publication of video assets
    • A built-in media player automatically selects the optimal playback client (Flash, HTML5 with MPEG-DASH using dash.js, or progressive download)
    • Indexing selected metadata for all videos through Orchard’s search engine
  • additional tools for managing meta-data include:
    • Support for multi-language subtitle and captions
    • Default metadata includes description, thumbnail and alternate text for screen readers
    • The ability for users to define additional site specific metadata as necessary

The combination of Orchard, Azure Web Sites and Media Services is a powerful one that enables users to quickly and easily build online streaming media solutions. It is ideal for a range of uses since the required resources can scale up and down, as needed. Whether building a customer site for product demonstration videos, an internal training site, or the next blockbuster online video streaming service this feature is an ideal solution.

Getting Started

There are several ways to set up an Orchard CMS site ranging from the very simple (Azure Web Sites Gallery) to the more complex, but highly flexible building from source. The user guide we have created describes five different ways of enabling these features. It also clearly documents how to configure the module to use your Media Services subscription (if you don't have a subscription yet you can try things out with a free $200 trial subscription).

Contributing to the Orchard Media Features

This module has been contributed to the official open source Orchard project. We encourage you to be an active participant in this community. If you have feature requests, bug reports or contributions that may improve the code or documentation please head on over to the Orchard Project directly so that we may all benefit.

Thanks to the Microsoft UK Developer Platform Evangelism team for their help with this project!


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