Apache Cordova


Apache CordovaApache Cordova is an open source project, part of the Apache Software Foundation, that aims at letting mobile developers build applications for all major mobile platforms using HTML5 technologies. The project was previously known as PhoneGap and is already powering thousands of apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other supported platforms.


With its increased mobile support, HTML5 development gives developers access to a variety of advanced web application features that are common across many different mobile platforms and operating systems; including Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 and Windows 8.0 and 8.1.

The Apache Cordova community has built a hybrid solution over the past years consisting in a set of tool and a framework wrapping Web code into native applications that can be published in the various mobile applications stores.

Apache Cordova offers JavaScript APIs that gives Web apps access to most of the platform resources such as camera, battery, contacts, keyboard, geolocation, file system, vibration … This allows for apps built with Cordova to offer a user experience on par with native apps. In addition, the objective of the project is to offer the same set of core APIs for all modern mobile platform, making it a great choice for developers willing to target multiple mobile platforms with the same code base.

Apache Cordova’s architecture is extendable, built around a plugin model. Anyone can create its own additional functionality for Cordova and publish it as a plugin.

Windows devices support

Apache Cordova supports Windows Phone and Windows Store 8. MS Open Tech is an active contributor to Apache Cordova and is helping making this support on par with other platforms. You can find below resources to help you build Cordova apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store.

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Development workflows

Apache Cordova offers 2 different development workflow. The first one consist in using native tools IDE (Visual Studio in the case of Windows Phone) to generate, build, debug a Cordova project. The second one consist in using the CLI (Command Line Interface) tool that comes with Apache Cordova since v3.0. This is great for developer to have the choice and both workflow have their advantages allowing for anyone one to develop in his favorite environment.

Getting Started with Cordova for Windows devices dev

Below are resources and pointers to documentation to get started with Windows devices development: