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The use of devices is ubiquitous today and their seamless connectivity is taken for granted. People want to pick up a device or use their computer and simply know that it will work the way they want it to. It’s also changing the way people use the Web today.

An important way to deliver ‘just works’ experiences for consumers is to work with the industry on standards initiatives at standards setting organizations including the W3C’s HTML, IETF’s HTTPBis, Ecma and others. This helps further the goal of an Open Web Platform, and MS Open Tech is an active contributor to the work of these and other standards bodies.

In addition to our active participation in Web standards bodies such as W3C, we want to have informed discussions with developer communities and be able to provide better feedback on draft specifications. To do this, MS Open Tech maintains the HTML5 Labs site where we provide prototypes of early and unstable specifications that developers can use to download, test and provide feedback.

We also work with the open source frameworks and tools community-at-large to address the increased demand for technology choice and flexibility. We want to help developers build innovative applications that will run across different devices and seamlessly connect with cloud services, re-using their existing skills, code and tools.

Open Web Projects

Reactive Programming at Microsoft

Reactive applications are responsive to change, fault tolerant, self-healing, and scalable in the cloud. They’re designed to handle millisecond response times reliably in complex multi-node applications processing information for web and mobile clients, hybrid cloud deployments, and petabytes of data. Using loosely-coupled components that communicate via asynchronous messaging. Introduction to … Read More

Orchard Azure Media Services

MS Open Tech created a feature plugin for Orchard the open source .NET Content Management System (CMS) for those looking for a convenient user interface for managing hosted video content using Microsoft Azure Media Services. New capabilities through the Orchard Azure Media Services  module include: Uploading and encoding video files from within the Orchard CMS: … Read More

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

Introduction Apache Cordova is an open source project, part of the Apache Software Foundation, that aims at letting mobile developers build applications for all major mobile platforms using HTML5 technologies. The project was previously known as PhoneGap and is already powering thousands of apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and … Read More

Pointer Events


What is it? Pointer events is a new standard developed by the W3C to define a unified device input model – pen, mouse and touch – across multiple browsers. Microsoft contributed the initial specification to W3C. Pointer Events makes it easier to support a variety of browsers and devices by saving Web … Read More

dash.js – Adaptive Media Streaming


The DASH Industry forum aims to address the dramatic growth of broadband video by defining a universal delivery format that provides end users with the best possible video experience by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions. dash.js is an initiative of the DASH Industry Forum to establish a production quality framework for … Read More



The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) created complementary working groups to bring inexpensive, real time video conferencing experiences to the most familiar and widespread application used to access the Internet: the web browser. Microsoft is an active participant in these Working Groups and … Read More



HTTP/2.0 is the next planned version of the HTTP network protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP/2.0 is being developed by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Bis (httpbis) working group of the IETF. We’re excited for the web to get faster, more stable, and more capable. HTTP/2.0 is an important … Read More

Sublime Text, Vi, Emacs: TypeScript enabled!


TypeScript is an open and interoperable language for application scale JavaScript development created by Microsoft and released as open source on CodePlex. MS Open Tech contributed sample Syntax files for Sublime text, Vi and Emacs that add syntax highlighting to Typescript files, to make it possible for developers to use … Read More

Information Cards for Ruby


Enables Ruby developers to support information cards for their web sites using standard WS-* protocols

Information Cards for PHP

Enables Php developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Information Cards for Java


Enables Java developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Information Cards for C


Enables C developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Bing Search Library for PHP

bing search library for php-site

Enables PHP developers to easily use Microsoft Bing search engine API to submit queries to and retrieve results from the Bing Engine

Bing Maps Module for Drupal


Provides for easy & flexible embedding of Bing Map in Drupal content types, such as a technical article or story

Bing 404 for WordPress


Enables WordPress developers to easily manage the “404/Page not found” error by leveraging the Bing search engine

AppFabric SDK for Ruby


An open source SDK that helps Ruby programs communicate with Window Azure AppFabric service bus and access control using plain HTTP.

AppFabric SDK for Java

A open source project that gives Java developers a speed dial to leverage Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and Access control

Apache Stonehenge


Demonstrates practical SOA interoperability across platforms (.NET, PHP, Java) with Apache open source projects using Web Services standards

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