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MS Open Tech works closely with many open source communities like Apache Cordova (a.k.a. PhoneGap), jQuery, Cocos2D-X, Cinder, ANGLE to help developers build apps for Windows devices. Check out about our latest contributions to open source web, gaming, creative development tools, libraries and frameworks. Join the party on our GitHub repositories and start reusing your skills and code to build apps for Windows devices.

Device Apps Projects

Cocos2D-x for Windows devices


Did you know that Cocos2D-x, the popular C++ gaming engine, supports Windows Store and Windows Phone apps? Cocos2D-X is an open source C++ game engine aiming at extending the reach of the popular Cocos2D game engine to other OS platforms beyond iPhone. Cocos2D-X is used by many mobile gaming creators, … Read More

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

Introduction Apache Cordova is an open source project, part of the Apache Software Foundation, that aims at letting mobile developers build applications for all major mobile platforms using HTML5 technologies. The project was previously known as PhoneGap and is already powering thousands of apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and … Read More

dash.js – Adaptive Media Streaming


The DASH Industry forum aims to address the dramatic growth of broadband video by defining a universal delivery format that provides end users with the best possible video experience by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions. dash.js is an initiative of the DASH Industry Forum to establish a production quality framework for … Read More

Graphics and Creative coding


Do you use C++ for gaming and graphics development, favoring its native access to hardware acceleration? MS Open Tech has worked closely with various open source communities to contribute code to popular C++ frameworks optimizing them for Windows devices. openFrameworks, popular programming library for creative coding in C++ OpenCV, popular … Read More

Building apps for Windows devices using open source technologies


You are a mobile developer and want to extend your reach and your customer base? Make your mobile app available on more stores? And you are using open source technologies? Then you might want to consider publishing your app on the Windows Store and/or to the Windows Phone Store. This … Read More

Open Source Android SDK for Windows Azure Mobile Services


Windows Azure Mobile Services was created to make it easier for developers to build engaging and dynamic mobile apps that scale. By using Mobile Services, developers are not only able to connect their applications to a scalable and secure backend hosted in Windows Azure, but also store data in the … Read More

Guide for developers: how to develop for Windows Phone on your Mac

Interested in developing apps for Windows Phone 8, but you are developing on a Mac? No problem…check out the guide below to find a variety of options. First you should consider whether to build native WP8 applications or Web applications. Applications will run directly on the phone platform, and will … Read More

Open source frameworks support Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone team and MS Open Tech engaged early in the process with open source communities to enable Windows Phone 8 in popular open source and cross platform frameworks such as PhoneGap (aka Apache Cordova) jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, SQLite and SharpDX. MS Open Tech and the Windows Phone … Read More

Sublime Text, Vi, Emacs: TypeScript enabled!


TypeScript is an open and interoperable language for application scale JavaScript development created by Microsoft and released as open source on CodePlex. MS Open Tech contributed sample Syntax files for Sublime text, Vi and Emacs that add syntax highlighting to Typescript files, to make it possible for developers to use … Read More

JQuery mobile theme for Windows Phone

The jQuery Mobile theme enables applications developed with HTML5 and PhoneGap to adapt to the Windows Phone experience and look and feel. This development was sponsored MS Open Tech working closely with Sergei Grebnov, an Apache Cordova committer and jQuery Mobile developer. The jQuery Mobile theme for Windows Phone 7 … Read More

OpenXML/UOF Translator


Enables bi-directional interoperability between Office OpenXML format and Chinese Unified Office Format (UOF).

OpenXML/ODF Translator

Enables bi-directional interoperability between Microsoft Office (Open XML) and Open Office (ODF) file formats

OpenXML Document Viewer/HTML Translator


Enables OpenXML documents to be viewed on any client system in any browser as HTML, and includes an add-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera (Windows/Linux)

Office Binary to Open XML Translator


Enables translation of Microsoft Office binary documents (.DOC, .XLS, and .PPT) into the Office Open XML standard format (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX).

Apache POI OpenXML Java API


The goal for this project is to enable Java developers to create, read, query, update, and compose documents using the Office Open XML format. Part of the Apache POI project (a set of Java APIs to access files in the Microsoft Office file formats), the Apache POI/Open XML libraries project allows Java applications to manipulate XLSX, DOCX and PPTX documents.

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