About Cloud Apps

As today’s mixed IT environments move to the cloud, there is increasing interest in interoperability, flexibility, and choice. Developers and IT pros want to use “best of breed” tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and manage cloud services and applications, while protecting their existing investments in technology and training. MS Open Tech works closely with open source communities and standards organizations to help create Cloud Standards ensure that customers can use their favorite open source languages, frameworks, and tools to build on Microsoft’s cloud platforms.

MS Open Tech drives a wide range of projects to enable the use of open standards and open source on Microsoft platforms. We are engaged with various communities in the development of open cloud standards such as OData, AMQP, WS-Management, and OVF within DMTF, ISO, OASIS, W3C, and we have also worked to enable the use of many open source technologies on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is an open platform – supporting multiple protocols, standards, languages, OSS packages, development tools, server operating systems, and client devices. MS Open Tech is at the heart of this trend, working closely with the Microsoft Azure engineering teams to deliver customer choice as enabled by the Interoperability Elements of a Cloud Platform

Cloud Apps Projects


Fog - The Ruby Cloud Services LIbrary

Fog is an open source “cloud abstraction” library written in Ruby. It allows Ruby developers to write their applications against a single API and then port to different clouds with minimal to no effort. Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. have released a Fog gem to provide Microsoft Azure support. Fog is important to both … Read More

Orchard Azure Media Services

MS Open Tech created a feature plugin for Orchard the open source .NET Content Management System (CMS) for those looking for a convenient user interface for managing hosted video content using Microsoft Azure Media Services. New capabilities through the Orchard Azure Media Services  module include: Uploading and encoding video files from within the Orchard CMS: … Read More



MS Open Tech has led the work to bring Redis to Windows and Windows Azure, with full 32-bit and 64-bit support, an installer for Windows Azure, NuGet integration, and much more.

Reactive Extensions

Reactive Extensions

MS Open Tech has open sourced Reactive Extensions (Rx), a cloud programming model that allows developers to use a common interface for writing event-based applications that interact with diverse data sources, like stock quotes, Tweets, computer events, and Web service requests. Rx is an important under-the-hood component of several high-availability … Read More



ActorFx provides an open source, non-prescriptive, language-independent model of dynamic distributed objects for building highly available data structures and other logical entities via a standardized framework and infrastructure. ActorFx is based on the idea of the mathematical Actor Model for cloud data management. MS Open Tech has supported this work in … Read More

Microsoft SQL Server Connector for Apache Hadoop

NOTE: The Microsoft SQL Server Connector for Apache Hadoop has been contributed to the Apache Sqoop project. Please note that Microsoft’s Hadoop-based HDInsight service now includes Sqoop as well. Hadoop is an open source framework from Apache that enables the processing of large datasets across multiple nodes. The SQL Server-Hadoop … Read More

CouchDB-compatible database service (Cloudant Data Layer)


The Cloudant Data Layer provides a CouchDB-compatible database service that can be used as a highly scalable data layer for your cloud service or application running on Windows Azure. MS Open Tech has worked closely with the Cloudant team to make the Cloudant Data Layer available to Windows Azure developers. … Read More

Open-sourcing Entity Framework, Web API, ASP.NET, MVC


MS Open Tech has open sourced the Entity Framework (EF), a database mapping tool useful for application development in the .NET Framework, as well as ASP.Net MVC, Web API and Web Pages with Razor application frameworks. Learn more about these projects here

MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure

The MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure is a command-line tool (Windows PowerShell script) that automates the provisioning and deployment of MongoDB replica sets on Windows Azure virtual machines. It allows users to build a high-availability web application or service that can scale quickly in response to fluctuating demand, and to … Read More

Open Source Android SDK for Windows Azure Mobile Services


Windows Azure Mobile Services was created to make it easier for developers to build engaging and dynamic mobile apps that scale. By using Mobile Services, developers are not only able to connect their applications to a scalable and secure backend hosted in Windows Azure, but also store data in the … Read More

Node.js on Windows Azure and Windows


Node.js is a server-side programming language for writing highly scalable Internet applications. Microsoft joined Joyent and Ryan Dahl in their effort to make Windows a supported platform for Node.JS. Our combined efforts resulted in Node.js running on Windows Azure, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. Learn more here.

Symfony and Doctrine on Windows Azure

Symfony, the open source web application framework for PHP developers, and the Doctrine Project, a set of open-source libraries that help ease database development and persistence logic for PHP developers, are now both available on Windows Azure due to collaboration between MS Open Tech and members of the Symfony/Doctrine community. … Read More

Windows Azure command line tool for Mac and Linux

The Windows Azure command line tool for Mac and Linux, developed by MS Open Tech, allows non-Windows desktops to manage Windows Azure virtual machines running the Windows Server operating system as well as Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, and OpenSUSE. Users can now run existing Linux payloads on Windows … Read More

Support for PHP development on Windows Azure


PHP, an open source programming language for web applications, is supported by Windows Azure. The Windows Azure SDK for PHP includes components that allow developers to build, deploy, and manage PHP applications for Windows Azure. MS Open Tech worked closely with the PHP community on the design and development of … Read More

Drupal, WordPress and other options in the Windows Azure web sites gallery


The websites gallery makes available a wide range of popular web applications developed by Microsoft, third party companies, and open source software initiatives. Web applications created from the gallery do not require installation of any software other than the browser used to connect to the Windows Azure Management Portal. MS Open … Read More

Windows Azure SDK for PHP


Enables PHP developers to easily leverage Windows Azure storage service in their web applications

Windows Azure Companion


The Windows Azure Companion is no longer an active project, we recommend using the new tools available at http://azurephp.interoperabilitybridges.com/downloads to deploy applications to Windows Azure.

Restlet Extension for OData


Enables Java developers to interoperate with .NET through REST using the Open Data (OData) protocol specification

OpenXML/UOF Translator


Enables bi-directional interoperability between Office OpenXML format and Chinese Unified Office Format (UOF).

OpenXML/ODF Translator

Enables bi-directional interoperability between Microsoft Office (Open XML) and Open Office (ODF) file formats

OpenXML Document Viewer/HTML Translator


Enables OpenXML documents to be viewed on any client system in any browser as HTML, and includes an add-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera (Windows/Linux)

Office Binary to Open XML Translator


Enables translation of Microsoft Office binary documents (.DOC, .XLS, and .PPT) into the Office Open XML standard format (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX).

Information Cards for Ruby


Enables Ruby developers to support information cards for their web sites using standard WS-* protocols

Information Cards for PHP

Enables Php developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Information Cards for Java


Enables Java developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Information Cards for C


Enables C developers to support information cards for their web sites using standards WS-* protocols

Bing Search Library for PHP

bing search library for php-site

Enables PHP developers to easily use Microsoft Bing search engine API to submit queries to and retrieve results from the Bing Engine

Bing Maps Module for Drupal


Provides for easy & flexible embedding of Bing Map in Drupal content types, such as a technical article or story

Bing 404 for WordPress


Enables WordPress developers to easily manage the “404/Page not found” error by leveraging the Bing search engine

AppFabric SDK for Ruby


An open source SDK that helps Ruby programs communicate with Window Azure AppFabric service bus and access control using plain HTTP.

AppFabric SDK for Java

A open source project that gives Java developers a speed dial to leverage Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and Access control

Windows Azure Storage for WordPress


Enables developers running their own instance of WordPress to take advantage of the Windows Azure Storage services, including the Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature.

OData SDK for PHP

Enables PHP developers to use the Open Data (OData) protocol specification to interoperate through REST with other platforms like .NET