Predictive monitoring and control at SLAC with Machine Learning and

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in a pilot with MS Open Tech that demonstrates predictive monitoring and control for one of the SLAC’s particle accelerator beam’s cooling systems. The pilot encompasses Microsoft Azure IoT services and the open source project At the forefront … Read More

Pointer Events is now a W3C Standard

Today, the World Wide Consortium (W3C) announced that Pointer Events is a Recommendation. This means that the specification that describes how HTML5 elements respond to various input types (mouse, touch and pen) is feature complete and tested, and the standards body formally endorses its widespread use. W3C achieved this milestone … Read More

Using Packer with Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure

Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images, that is static units containing pre-configured operating systems and application software. With Microsoft open technologies latest contributions to the project you can now use Packer to create machine images for Azure and Hyper-V using any computer with Hyper-V enabled. Pre-baked machine images configured by tools such as Chef and … Read More

Ruby Developers can now use Fog to Manage Microsoft Azure Services

Fog is an open source “cloud abstraction” library written in Ruby. It allows Ruby developers to write their applications against a single API and then port to different clouds with minimal to no effort. Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. have released a Fog gem to provide Microsoft Azure support.Fog is important to both application developers … Read More

MS Open Tech Tools plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio updated with integrated Virtual Machine management

In a previous post we showed Android and Java developers how to use the open source MS Open Tech Tools plugin to connect their app to Azure and Office services. Today, we have added creation and management of Virtual Machines to the Services Explorer functionality in this plugin, which allows … Read More

Microsoft Joins Industry in Move to Create Node.js Foundation

Today, Microsoft joined Joyent, Fidelity, IBM, The Linux Foundation and PayPal in announcing the move to create the Node.js. Foundation, an independent nonprofit open source development organization designed to advance community engagement relative to Node.js. The open source technology has become the runtime of choice for high-­performance, low latency applications, … Read More

The Azure Toolkit for Eclipse now Includes WebSphere Liberty and Application Insights

The Java development team at MS Open Tech have completed the latest release of the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse.  The January 2015 release (v 2.5.1) includes a few community-requested updates since the November release, including: The addition of The IBM® WebSphere® Liberty Application Server as a Web Application server option … Read More

MS Open Tech releases Cordova plugin for Office 365 Outlook Services

The open source Apache Cordova Plugin for Office 365 Outlook Services, released today by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., provides Cordova developers with an easy-to-use JavaScript API for access to mail, calendar, contacts and events stored in 365. The plugin is available in the Cordova plugin repository, and full source code … Read More

Welcoming Open Source R Company Revolution Analytics to Microsoft

Microsoft today announced a calculated (pun intended) move to advance its data platform and analytics strategy with the acquisition of Mountain View, California-based statistical software company Revolution Analytics. This entrepreneurial open source company is known for its work to develop software and services on the open source R project. We’re … Read More

Moodle + Office 365: better together with new MS Open Tech open source plugins for education workflows

Today MS Open Tech is releasing to the public a set of open source Moodle plugins that enable tight integration between Moodle, the popular open source learning management system (LMS), and Office 365’s popular productivity software and services, to create a more productive experience for teachers and students. The plugins … Read More