ANGLE Available Through Visual Studio OpenGLES2 Templates

logoangle Using ANGLE keeps getting easier! The Visual Studio team has taken the Visual Studio project templates found in our GitHub site and integrated them into their new Visual C++ OpenGLES2 Project Template, available for download now. The template is designed to create Visual Studio 2015 projects for multiple platforms using the same OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering code. Your Android, iOS, and Windows graphics code can stay the same for all variations of your app within your solution.

The greatest addition in this template is the automatic connection to the ANGLE for Windows Store NuGet package. When creating a new project, the template will download the latest version of ANGLE from NuGet. As ANGLE improves via new features or fixes, you can opt to update your existing projects sourced from this template to the latest ANGLE version.

It’s exciting to be a part of this evolving cross-platform world! We’re anxious to see how you’ll use ANGLE and ways that your experience can be improved. Let us know your thoughts in the issues section of our GitHub site.


Tony Balogh

Senior Program Manager