Check out our open source software projects at Build 2015!


We look forward to connecting with conference attendees, partners and the media at Microsoft’s Build conference next week. Several events will be showcasing some of the open source work Microsoft has been engaged in to bridge Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.

Sessions to check out!

Here are two sessions that highlight some of our work:

Session 2-732, Deploying Complex Open Source Workloads on Azure

Friday, May 1 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

We’ll be covering scenarios involving .NET on Linux (using containers), multipoint LAMP stack deployments, Tomcat to Azure Cloud Services, Hadoop (HDInsight) with Kafka, Storm and HBase, and a few others we will be able to talk about once the conference is underway.

Session 3-722 Developing Mobile Apps for Office 365

Thursday, April 30 at 5:00PM

We’ll discuss use cases for Objective-C, Android Studio, and Cordova. This demo-heavy session will get you comfortable setting up your project in your favorite environment, arranging authentication with Azure AD, and calling Office 365 APIs including those for Outlook, Files, and OneNote.

Internet of Things - Presentations and Labs

There will be a lot of Internet of Things demos, labs, sessions at Build. You can read more here. Note that the open source project will get plenty of prime time as well!

Catch the news in person or online

Build sold out in minutes this year. If you couldn’t get a ticket, be sure to watch a live stream of Build here and see highlights online here. If you’re lucky enough to be attending Build, be sure to check out these sessions and events in person and see you at the show!