Cordova Certificate issue: We’re working on it

If you’re trying to build application with Cordova today aiming windows platform, you’ll receive an error message about an Expired Certificate:

error APPX0108: The certificate specified has expired


A certificate in the Windows platform template has expired on 11/11/2014 and as a result, building Windows using the Cordova command line currently fails. This affects all existing projects and any new projects created using the command line prior to Cordova versions <= 4.0.0. Note that this does not affect the wp8 platform.

This issue will be fixed in the next release of Cordova

However, to ensure that you can continue building your existing Cordova projects for Windows till then, please replace the expired certificate located at yourCordovaProject\platforms\windows\CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx with a new one from here. Ensure that the downloaded file is renamed to CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx

For more detail see:

If you’re using Visual Studio, you can place the certificate here:

  • CTP1/2 or existing projects on CTP3 : res/cert/windows8/CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx
  • CTP3/Dev14: res/native/windows/CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx


12 thoughts on “Cordova Certificate issue: We’re working on it

  1. The directions here did not work for me… Using VS2013 + CTP3, I did not have a /res/native/windows/ subfolder in my cordova project directory, so I could not replace the PFX file there. I found that I instead had to replace the CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx file in C:\Users\{MyUsername}\.cordova\lib\windows8\cordova\3.5.0\windows8\template and then do a rebuild.

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  4. I have tried this and it doesn’t work. The error message changes though. I have tried both locations just in case. The error message I get now is:

    Unable to activate Windows Store app
    io.cordova.myapp97…….. The activation request failed with error
    ‘This app does not support the contract specified or is not installed’.

  5. The location is wrong. Am I the only one using these tools? I do NOT have a PFX file in the location you describe. I have a brand new, clean install of Windows 8.1, then Visual Studio 2013, then Update 4, then Tools for Apache Cordova for Visual Studio 2013 – CTP3. I’ve created only one project, the Hello World demo (AngularJsToDo). VS puts the PFX file in my project bin directory (not where you’ve described), deletes it on Clean, and recreates it (when out-of-date) on every Build.

    So where is that file coming from? Searching my entire C drive, other than the project bin directory, I found the PFX file source that VS uses to create the bin directory contents. It ain’t where you said it is. It’s not in the Visual Studio directory at all. So, I’m guessing that 1) I’m the only sucker outside of Microsoft using these tools, and 2) no-one at Microsoft cares enough to repro this defect in a clean environment and report the results. Thanks, guys.

    • Hi,
      The certificate is inside the Cordova Windows platform. You will not have a file in the VS project in that location by default. Placing one there overrides the default cert in the platform itself at build time. It’s a workaround.

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