Easy Deploy FreeBSD to Microsoft Azure from VM Depot

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In just 5 minutes learn how to Easy Deploy FreeBSD on Microsoft Azure. Once completed you will have the latest build of FreeBSD ready for you to customize for your use.

FreeBSD is an advanced computer operating system used to power modern servers and more. As an open source project a strong community has continually developed it for more than thirty years. The goal of the FreeBSD Project is to provide a stable and fast general purpose operating system that may be used for any purpose without strings attached.

Thanks to the efforts of the FreeBSD release engineering team you can find the latest release candidates and final releases (from 10.1 onwards) as virtual machine images on VM Depot. This means you can quickly create a virtual machine on Azure to perform tests and to customize and reshare. The Easy Deploy feature used in this video is perhaps the simplest way to get started, but for those looking for more control over the process you might prefer the command line tools.

For either approach you will need an active Azure subscription, you can get a one month free trial to get you started. Once you have your subscription set-up watch the video below to learn about the Easy Deploy feature of VM Depot.

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