Easy Deploy Linux Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure

Create VM ButtonA new feature - developed by the MS Open Tech engineering team - allows users to launch open source software stacks from VM Depot as Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines from without leaving the community-managed repository. With an ever growing number of open source virtual machine images to choose from, this new VM Depot Easy Deploy feature makes it, well, much easier for users to quickly get started using popular open source software in the cloud.

In the past VM Depot users needed to install and configure the cross-platform command line tools in order to deploy a virtual machine. This option is still available to power users who prefer the flexibility provided by working within a scripting environment. However, the VM Depot Easy Deploy feature focuses on provided an the simplest possible on-ramp for those who want to quickly deploy a Linux based virtual machine, complete with pre-configured software stacks.

This new deployment feature is similar to the previously announced integration with the Azure Preview Portal, however, unlike the portal integration VM Depot Easy Deploy supports all of the images contained within the VM Depot repository. Furthermore, there is no need to leave VM Depot to deploy images using this Easy Deploy feature.

An Azure Subscription is required to configure and use the VM Depot Easy Deploy feature. You may use the feature to deploy as many virtual machines as your subscription will allow. If you don’t currently have an Azure Subscription you can take advantage of the Microsoft Azure free trial offer.

Once correctly configured, the Easy Deploy feature, in its simplest form requires the user to click a deploy button in VM Depot, provide a password for the virtual machines user account, agree to the terms of use and, finally, click the create button. For those who may want to change various configuration options in order to personalize the deployment, you will not be disappointed. Our tutorial provides a full walkthrough of the Easy Deploy feature.

The new VM Depot Easy Deploy feature promises greater simplicity in the creation of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines from VM Depot. With an ever-growing number of images available, it is likely that several options that suit your specific needs.

We encourage you to try this Easy Deploy feature for yourself, and we welcome you to share feedback with us about your experiences.