Azure Preview Portal and Azure Gallery Now Draw Images from VM Depot

clip_image002Today Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise in Microsoft Corp. announced that Virtual Machine Images from VM Depot are now available the Azure Preview Portal and as well as the Azure Gallery.

VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of pre-configured operating systems, applications, and development stacks for Microsoft Azure. The VM Depot site is hosted by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., and contains more than 700 pre-configured Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Images that enable users to run their favorite software in Microsoft Azure in minutes.

Per Guthrie, “Community-driven VM Depot images have been supported on the Azure platform for a couple of years now. But prior to today’s release they weren’t fully integrated into the mainline user experience… Starting from base operating system distributions (such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse and FreeBSD) through developer stacks (such as LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Node and Django), to complete applications (such as WordPress, Drupal and Apache Solr), there is something for everyone in VM Depot.”

Microsoft describes the goal of the new Azure Preview Portal as “bringing together all the cross-platform tools, technologies, and services you need to speed up the application delivery and monitoring process — using what you already know and whatever toolset you like most.”

The inclusion of VM Depot images in the Azure Preview Portal is an important part of ensuring that the open source software you need is available to you. Today, the Azure Preview Portal delivers nearly 300 pre-configured Virtual Machine images from VM Depot that contain a variety of Linux distributions and popular open source packages. If you don’t find what you want via the Portal, we encourage you to check the additional images VM Depot first before building an image and sharing it back with others.

How to Deploy VM Depot Images from the Azure Preview Portal

Deploying these images couldn’t be easier:

1. Login to the Azure Preview Portal

2. Click on the “Azure gallery” button

3. Select the Virtual Machines tab

4. and scroll down to the “VM Depot” section and click “See All”

5. Browse the images available, clicking one that looks interesting


6. Review the information and click the “Create” button

7. Fill out a simple form and click “Create”


Go ahead and deploy an image today, if you don’t already have a Microsoft Azure subscription then take advantage of the one month free trial and get $200 to spend on all Azure services, including VM Depot images.