Opening the Call for Kinect Samples!

The new Kinect for Windows Sensor is now available to everyone, with a brand new SDK for developers, and MS Open Tech has updated the Kinect Common Bridge (KCB) open source project so that C++ developers may more easily build desktop apps integrating advanced Kinect functionality.

clip_image002 clip_image004

Kinect v2 sensor in action …

In addition to this work on KCB, MS Open Tech and the Kinect for Windows product group have also set up an open source repository on GitHub to gather community-contributed samples.

The process to submit a new sample is actually fairly simple: fork, sign CLA, pull request, wait for approval….

Initial examples will be added shortly, and all of these will be ready to be forked!

Kinect Evolution (includes ground plane/joint orientation)

"Construct" (3D World)

HD Face Tracking/Avateering

Add Kinect Interactions to a Windows Store App

Background Removal

Real-world Object Interaction (hotspot detection)

Exercise Recognition

Multi-user Engagement

Adaptive UI

Interactions Gallery

Kinect Studio

Augmented Reality

Camera View based on Face Orientation

Cross-platform Shooter Sample

Fusion (body scanning)

Fusion Explorer

Twitch-based Game Experience

You can see that will be a great start. Yet we are eager to see what comes out of this community in terms of contributions, comments and creativity :-)

Some ideas for samples that might be interesting are:

· Exercise recognition – ask the user to move in a particular way and determine if the user actually did that.  This can be useful in a home exercise app.

· Adaptive UI – show how a UI can change based on distance from the sensor.  For example, at 10 ft away, the UI shows a couple of large buttons to interact with.  As the user moves closer, the UI changes to show content and support interactions that are more granular.  The Adaptive UI sample in K4W v1.8 is a good starting point.

· Multi-user Engagement – build an app that shows how to handle multiple bodies being detected, such that each can interact with the app without the app confusing them

· Real-world Object Interaction (hotspot detection) – show how to use Kinect for Windows to detect when one object gets closer to another object in the real world.

- ….

An Added Incentive

And if inventing new ways to take advantage of the new Kinect for Windows is not enough, we can help you prove to your friends and family that at least some of your “playtime” time on the computer is productive. Let know us when you contribute to the Kinect Samples project by providing your pseudo/name, email, a short description of your project and its dependencies (and shirt size) to earn a coveted “Kinect certified contributor” t-shirt.

Happy Kinect Coding!