Microsoft Open Sources OneNote Libraries for Android and iOS

clip_image002Microsoft OneNote has become the most popular note-taking, life-organizing tool available. With its long history of integration within the Microsoft Office desktop suite, OneNote is now also available on all the hottest mobile and tablet platforms.

At MS Open Tech, we really love OneNote and we use it every day. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that the Microsoft OneNote Team has published two major open source OneNote API libraries on GitHub - one for Android  the other for iOS  - to make it easier than ever for developers to use OneNote to create life-simplifying and empowering applications from a choice of popular platforms.

OneNote enables compelling scenarios for the near future of info/data acquisition and team collaboration.

The OneNote API makes it easier for developers to write apps that draw upon information to create simple and useful organization, such as helping students do research for term papers and reports, families to share plans and ideas, shoppers to share images—all the things that interest them most and increase their personal productivity.


With these two open source libraries for Android and iOS, a broader set of developers may now use the OneNote API to upload and manipulate OneNote on the server. The API can be accessed by the REST protocol, and used from any type of client code. Your application would leverage the OneNote API to send the information to the user’s personal OneNote notebook, stored in the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive. That way, notes can be accessed and used from multiple platforms, yet remain accurate, dynamic and reliable.

Pretty cool, eh?


Some Useful Dev Resources

Check out these great videos and resources to learn more about how you might leverage this great technology within your own app development projects:

· OneNote Developer Center

· Code Samples on OneNote Development GitHub Account

· Microsoft OneNote Developer Team Blog

· @onenotedev on Twitter – follow them here for the latest updates!

· OneNote Developer feedback forum

· OneNote Developer Videos on Channel9

· OneNote StackOverflow site monitored daily


Happy computing!


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