Open sourcing much of the toolkit for the Windows Developer Program for IoT

imageA new Windows Developer Program for IoT rolled out today, following up on the commitments Microsoft made during the recent O’Reilly Solid and Microsoft Build events to ship developer kits that allow people to run a version of Windows on the Intel Galileo board. MS Open Tech is glad to be part of the program, and will soon be open sourcing much of the toolkit on GitHub to allow developers to take advantage of the existing Arduino hardware and shields with the developer kit running Windows.

The program will be rolled out gradually to make sure everything works well, starting with a new Windows for IoT Developer Portal, a developer kit, and open source code. The developer kits that will first ship in small batches include a Galileo board and a preview Windows image that supports the standard Arduino Wiring API set and a subset of Win32 API.

The Arduino extension boards (called shields) are programmed using the open source Wiring programming framework for microcontrollers. To ensure developers can easily add off-the-shelf Arduino shields on top of their Intel Galileo board running the preview Windows image from the devkit, MS Open Tech is open sourcing the Windows implementation of the Wiring API set that ships with the preview image. This implementation makes it very simple for developers to add functionality to their project as the exact same code that comes with the shields for Arduino and usually developed by the community can be added as is into their Windows project.

As the first kits will ship by a couple hundred a week during the summer, we look forward to start hacking out with the Maker community. Let’s meet on the Windows for IoT Developer Portal and on GitHub where you will find all the docs today and the source code real soon. ALso, you can learn more on the program reading Steve Teixeira's blog.