Windows To Go Can Port Open Source Frameworks to Mac OS

I have been rubbing elbows with an inspiring crowd of creative designers and developers at the EYEO Festival  in Minneapolis this week. It is so much fun to learn about the ways in which people are employing technology to implement some fantastically creative ideas!

As I our team continues to work more closely with designers and creative developers, the question of how to port open source frameworks on Windows to Mac OS – notably in reference to our Kinect plugin samples (see my recent post about the Kinect Common Bridge v2 beta ) – seems to be coming up with enough frequency to merit a post on the topic.


For pure development or testing purposes, Apple support recommends that Mac users and developers install BootCamp  to run Microsoft Windows on Mac OS . BootCamp is actively supported, and it allows you to run the Windows operating system on your desktop at native speed. More information from Apple can be found online here.

Windows To Go

I would be remiss if I didn’t share another option from Microsoft - called Windows To Go - that we have also seen address this need with great performance – specifically as we have been testing it with Kinect v2 in recent weeks.

Windows To Go is an enterprise feature of Windows® 8 and Windows 8.1 that enables the creation of a virtual workspace that can be booted from a USB-connected external drive on PCs that meet the Windows 7 or later certification requirements, regardless of the operating system running on the PC.

Windows To Go was not designed exclusively for Apple platform developers, yet it can be very useful in this case, because it supports the efficient use of resources for alternative workplace scenarios. and last week at our Creative Hack Fest.

Pre-requisites for Mac developers

1. MacBook Pro with a USB3 and Intel 4000 GPU or greater

2. A Certified Windows To Go USB Key

NOTE: You will need to boot your Mac from the USB key. This article offers a step-by-step guide.

Our tests in recent weeks have demonstrated very good performance using the Windows To Go feature to run Microsoft Kinect on MacOS. But you can also use it to run Windows on your Mac to develop Windows App, Windows Phone apps as well.

We hope you enjoy working with it!