Puppet Module Updates to Better Manage Microsoft Azure Resources

Puppet LogoMicrosoft Open Technologies, Inc. has released an update (v1.2.1) of the Microsoft Azure Puppet Module. With this new release, Puppet users gain improved management control over a wider range of Azure resources and services from within this popular open source configuration management tool. This set of features nicely complement the tool’s existing support for Virtual Machines management.

Since Puppet Enterprise is has also been integrated with the Azure management portal, developers can now use the Microsoft Azure Puppet Module to build and manage complex infrastructures using either the open source Puppet in a self-managed environment or within Puppet Enterprise.

With this update, the full range of features in the Puppet Module facilitate the management of the following Azure features:

  • Virtual machines (both Linux and Windows)
  • Virtual networks
  • SQL Database Servers
  • Storage accounts
  • Cloud services for application management

Additional feature updates in v1.2.1 include:

  • Management of Azure cloud services
  • Additional features to manage storage accounts
  • Ability to add disks to virtual machines
  • Add roles to virtual machines

For usage guidance, please consult the documentation on PuppetForge. Note that with this release we have renamed the module to “msopentech-microsoftazure” (from “msopentech-windowsazure”) to match the new naming of Microsoft Azure.

We welcome your contributions as we continue to build more functionality into this code. Please send us your bug reports, feature requests, documentation notes or code additions.

You can find the source code on GitHub.