MongoLab offers new options for MongoDB Developers on Azure

As many of you know, MongoLab is an easy to use, rock-solid, free MongoDB-as-a-Service offering backed by a great support team. MongoLab’s latest paid options in the Azure Store, brought to you by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., now include larger capacity dedicated clusters of up to 56GB of RAM per node with availability in eight Azure datacenters worldwide.

Services available to MongoLab Developers on Azure

Microsoft Azure has several services designed to make work easier for developers and IT pros. Here are some additional services available on Azure:

Web Sites

Azure supports .NET, PHP, Node.js and many open source apps, and are a great Web tier option for your MongoLab applications. Use the editor of your choice or try WebMatrix for easy editing and access to Azure. We also offer deployment and continuous Integration support using popular tools, including TFS, FTP, Git, GitHub and BitBucket.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services, including Web and Worker Roles, enable you to create highly-available, infinitely scalable applications and services with NoSQL. Support for multi-tier scenarios, automated deployments and elastic scale. SDK support for .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python and Java.

Big Data via HDInsight, visualization via PowerBI

Take advantage of our enterprise-ready Hadoop service HDInsight with your MongoLab data. This PaaS offering provides easy management and also integrates with Active Directory and System Center. And once you’ve crunched the numbers, you can easily visualize the results with PowerBI for Office 365.


Encode, Protect, Stream, Manage and Distribute media in the cloud using Azure Media Services. This PaaS offering provides everything from encoding to content protection to streaming and analytics support.


Use Azure Mobile Services to build mobile app solutions for Windows, Android, and iOS. Incorporate structured storage, user authentication and push notifications in minutes. Free yourself to focus on the front end that your users value.

Setting up a MongoLab Service from the MongoLab Web site or the Azure Store

The Azure MongoLab service provides a free instant-on MongoDB service on Azure with seamless integration with the Azure PaaS platform via an add-on service. With either method, you get the full MongoLab experience on the Azure platform with a nice low-latency connection between Azure-based applications and a MongoDB data source. The easiest way to sign up is via the Azure Store, either on the Web or directly from the Azure Management Portal. On the Web, click on the MongoLab icon and follow the instructions from there:


You can also sign up via MongoLab’s Web site. When you create a database on, Azure is offered as a deployment option. Just select Azure as your cloud provider, and select an Azure datacenter:


Additional Tutorials and Resources

We also have published some basic tutorials to get you started on building a C# ASP.NET application and a Node.js application on Azure using MongoLab, as well as some more advanced tutorials and resources to help NoSQL developers get started on Azure:

· Tutorial: Building a multi-tier cloud application on Azure using MongoLab, node.js, and Socket.IO

· Tutorial: Using MongoDB, Windows Communication Foundation, OData, and PowerBI to build a Business Intelligence solution on Azure

Check out our documentation and SDKs for more pointers on getting started with a variety of the most popular developer platforms and languages.

We’re excited about all of these options available to MongoLab developers and we hope that you are too. Let us know what you think of the new offerings, and share details with us when you build applications with MongoLab on Azure. We and MongoLab always like to know how our services are being used.

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