Office Wikipedia Application is on GitHub

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) and the Microsoft Office Team have published the source code of the free Office Wikipedia application for Office users, available on GitHub, to help developers understand and learn how to develop applications for Office.

A big thanks to the MS Open Tech hub team in China for making this happen! Learn more about how the hub operates in China here.

The Wikipedia App aims to help Microsoft Office users quickly access Wikipedia content from within Word 2013 and Excel 2013, greatly simplifying the process of referencing text and images.



The Wikipedia app can automatically search topics based on a selection within an Office document and display results in the Task Pane, making the content easier to navigate and read. Content is organized into sections, and tabs allow the reader to focus on text and images or just images.

Inserting Wikipedia content is also a snap: simply select the desired content within Wikipedia, and you can then insert it as a quotation into a separate Word document.

Why open source?

With the Office Wikipedia Application source code project, developers can learn from real app source codes how to develop similar applications for Office and SharePoint. All of the code examples in this project are from existing apps that have been previously published to the Office Store (

To try the application you can go to the Office Store to download the app or try it from our Github repository. You are welcome to download the source codes and add new features on them.

Wikipedia app for Microsoft Office source code anatomy

In this Office Apps Wikipedia project, Wikipedia_devWeb is responsible for UI handling and interaction with the user. SandboxWeb is dedicated to calling Wikipedia APIs for search. The communication between them depends on iframe postMessage with a Sandbox tag that makes the cross-domain communication possible.

- Wikipedia_devWeb is responsible for UI handling, sending search keywords to SandboxWeb and receiving search results from SandboxWeb

- SandboxWeb calls Wikipedia APIs for search and returns the valid results to Wikipedia_devWeb.

Next steps

To go forward with Office building application have a look to:

· Run an app for Office consistently in different browsers

· Use Visual Studio 2012 to debug JavaScript code outside the running project

· Use two-domain design for more secure communication with external content

· Writing data from apps to Office documents

We hope you will find this information useful, and look forward to hearing from you about the ways in which you use it. Please share any feedback about your experiences as comments to this blog or at the project site.

Eric Mittelette

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