Streamlined Video Content Management with Orchard and Azure Media Services

Managing Microsoft Azure hosted video on Azure Media Services just got a whole lot easier with the release of the open source Orchard Azure Media Services feature and a new Azure Gallery image including these new feature. We have provided a user-friendly management interface for Microsoft Azure Media Services, allowing for content uploading, encoding, managing and publishing from within Orchard, the .NET Content Management System.

Microsoft open technologies, Inc. contributed the code to the Orchard project where we, and the Orchard community, will continue to work on it. MS Open Tech would also like to thank the Microsoft UK DPE team for their help.

The feature covers an impressive range of scenarios including:

  • Uploading a single video and automatically encoding in multiple formats
  • Support for dynamic bitrate output formats (Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH)
  • Comprehensive access policies
  • Scheduled publication of video assets
  • Built-in player that automatically selects the optimal playback client

The built in player will, wherever possible, deliver content using the dash.js player for MPEG-DASH content. This provides plugin free playback in any browser that supports the W3C defined Media Source Extensions.

The feature is now a part of the official Orchard project (version 1.8) and provides a solution that is fully integrated with both Orchard and Media Services to provide an excellent user experience. There are many ways to try out this new feature in Orchard so why not take a look at the user guide.

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