Say “Hello” to Our New DevOps Landing Page!

With a hand in multiple projects that are common tools for the DevOps community, we felt there is no time like the present to launch a specific landing page for those interested in the topic and how Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. is involved. Today, we invite you to say ‘hello’ to our new DevOps landing page! This blog post provides a quick overview of the type of content you can find and what we’re planning for the future of the page.

With the creation of this page, as with all of our work at MS Open Tech, the goal is to provide choice and opportunity to help bridge Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies together in a heterogeneous environment. By contributing to key open source communities we are ensuring that customers have a range of choices available to them which best suit their needs and existing skill-sets.

When you visit the new page today, you’ll find a full list of our projects in the DevOps tool chain, along with convenient hyperlinks to news and tutorials related to those projects. This section of the site is growing rapidly, so be sure to visit often.

Here’s a snapshot of some projects you’ll see on the page today:

  • Puppet modules - for provisioning Linux and Windows on Microsoft Azure and for managing Azure resources
  • Hudson and Jenkins - Continuous integration using Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) - Real time monitoring and alerting from your applications
  • Hyper-V support in Vagrant - a tool for building complete development environments, sandboxed in a virtual machine
  • Windows Box for Vagrant – Use Vagrant to manage Windows Guests
  • Visual Studio Plugin for Puppet – Easily create and edit of Puppet manifests in Visual Studio

So go ahead, dive on into our new MS Open Tech DevOps page for more details about these projects and stay tuned for much more to come.