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Using Chef to Manage Azure Resources

chefIn this video, from the Edge show on Channel 9, we take a quick look at using Chef to manage Azure resources.

Chef models IT infrastructure and application delivery as code, giving you the power and flexibility to deliver what your customer wants more quickly and more reliably. It is built to address the hard infrastructure challenges faced by modern developers and IT Pros. By modeling IT infrastructure and application delivery as code, it aims to provide you with the power and flexibility to compete in the digital economy.

Manage Azure Resources

In this simple demo we will show how to;

  • Deploy a VM to Microsoft Azure using Chef
  • Create an Azure storage container
  • Store the storage container credentials on the VM so that an application can be built using it

Demo Contents

    • [09:25] What is Chef used for?
    • [10:20] Why is Microsoft integrating Windows Azure with Chef?
    • [11:27] Demo: Deploying a new Windows Azure VM which runs Chef
      • [13:45] Default.rb file to configure the Chef server
      • [19:30] Can you use this to utilize Git repos such as with Visual Studio Online projects?
    • [19:50] Demo: Bootstrapping the Chef client
    • [23:45] What are the options to scale this infrastructure out to multiple nodes?

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