VM Depot Now Landing in China!

I am excited to announce that VM Depot, brought to you by Microsoft Open Technologies and operated by 21 Vianet, is now launched in China! VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Microsoft Azure. On VM Depot the community can build, deploy and share their favorite Linux configuration, create custom open source stacks, work with others and build new architectures for the cloud that leverage the openness and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure platform. VM Depot today comes with 800+ ready-made VMs, including popular Chinese OSS images such as Ubuntu Kylin from CCN OpenSource Innovation Lab, Tair and Tengine from Taobao, and PHPWind from Alibaba.

A few reasons that you will love VM Depot:

  1. Quickly and painlessly evaluate solutions. You can easily deploy different Linux-based virtual machines that include custom and curated software configurations ready for evaluation and testing. From software development stacks to complete software solutions, using VM Depot you can quickly spin up an initial system and experiment with applying it to your specific use case.
  2. Customize VMs and Re-Share. All VMs on VM Depot are FREE to customize and re-share. This makes it easier for you to customize VMs based on different business scenarios and distribute them between different user organizations.

VM Depot is another illustration of how the Azure platform is effectively open. As complex as it may seem, VM Depot was relatively easy to build as it relies exclusively on published Azure APIs. As we explore the meaning of openness and interoperability of cloud platforms, I can now say that Microsoft Azure is at the forefront of the debate and provides compelling proof that documented APIs can do wonders to enable building amazing new applications that leverage the cloud.

Attached below are three 5-minute quick start videos that showcase how to deploy and publish images on VM Depot. You may also want to check the Learn More section for more detailed information about the steps on VM Depot.

Deploying an Image from VM Depot

Publishing an Image on VM Depot


As you can see, VM Depot is a simple and powerful tool for efficiently deploying OSS-based virtual machines from images created by others, or for sharing your own creations with the developer community. I am particularly proud of this announcement as it is the first important step by MS Open Tech Shanghai towards achieving its commitment to foster Chinese innovation and collaborate with the community of open source developers in China. See the “VM Depot Pilot User Program” for information about how to sign up for an opportunity to explore VM Depot!

Lang Sheng Yun
Managing Director
Microsoft Open Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.