The Microsoft MVP Program Opens Up

Yes, my pun was intentional!

This morning, Microsoft corporate VP Soma Somasegar shared some significant amendments to the Microsoft MVP program guidelines – making the program more inclusive of projects and ongoing work that utilizes open source technologies.

Soma named some great examples of the types of open source projects taking place within Microsoft that are now eligible for recognition based on the revised criteria, including work within Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013, ASP.NET, LibGit2, TypeScript and Node.js. We at MS Open Tech actively work to build bridges between open source technologies and Microsoft product offerings. We are proud to be recognized through this program for our recent work to build a Node.js SDK for Windows Azure.

But most importantly, Soma stated in his post:

“These projects are just a sampling of the places we're working with open source in our developer tools.  The trend these examples highlight is one that I fully expect to accelerate both in our developer tools and across additional platforms and applications at Microsoft.  I'm happy to see the benefits developers are seeing from our partnerships with open source over the last few years, but also looking forward to the opportunities we have ahead of us.”

I whole-heartedly agree. While this news should be of interest to open source developers, it is also a boon for Microsoft developers. Just consider the number of developers around the world who are working in hybrid environments or trying to deliver PaaS offerings.

While it’s certainly impressive to see how far Microsoft has come as a company to get to this point,  from my perspective, it’s infinitely more exciting to consider the potential of where this path may lead.

3 thoughts on “The Microsoft MVP Program Opens Up

  1. I’m still waiting for Microsoft to make Visual Studio (at least Professional Edition) free for open-source development, just like, for example, JetBrains made Intellij IDEA.
    This will really boost .NET open-source ecosystem!

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