Cocos2d-X Performance Enhancements: A 25% improvement that may save your life!

At MS Open Tech, we have been working with the community for some time to ensure that Cocos2d-X based games look great on Microsoft platforms and devices. Everyone is encouraged to report bugs and provide suggestions to our public repo.

As a result of recent enhancements and bug fixes to version 2.2 of the framework, we improved performance by approximately 25% in many scenarios. Some feedback on the GitHub forum is explicit: (Thanks hujian for sharing this!).

I tried cocos2d-x main branch newest code, performance much better.
some code 25fps up to 45fps (xaml).
great job!

We are ecstatic about the positive momentum in the community and the great feedback that you are providing! We remain fully committed to delivering a great gaming (and game development!) experience on Microsoft platforms, so we encourage you to keep it coming.

Thanks again, on behalf of the Cocos2D-X team@ MS Open Tech!

Eric Mittelette
Senior Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.