Vagrant Supports Hyper-V “out of the box”

image.pngRecently Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. released a Vagrant provider for Hyper-V. Yesterday, version 1.5 of Vagrant came out and we are pleased to say that Hyper-V support is now available “out of the box”. Our Hyper-V code has been included in this latest release, and so users need not install Hyper-V support separately.

Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant and Founder of HashiCorp, said “This is an example of why Vagrant is open source. Our users asked for Hyper-V support and MS Open Tech stepped up to provide it. Including Hyper-V support in the Vagrant 1.5 release was a no-brainer once MS Open Tech had released their code as open source.”

In addition to Hyper-V support, this release of Vagrant adds many new and important features, including:

  • Vagrant Share which allows anyone in the world to access your running Vagrant environment, regardless of any firewalls or NATs.
  • A new box system that makes it easier than ever to find, add, and use boxes. Boxes can now be discovered on Vagrant Cloud
  • New synced folder mechanisms such as rsync and SMB provide more options for high performance folder syncing between the host and guest

For more information, see the Vagrant release announcement.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Vagrant community!

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