Android and Java Developers: We Have a SignalR SDK for You!

Today, Microsoft Open Technologies is releasing a SignalR software development kit for Android/Java developers. This SDK, available to the open source community on GitHub will give Java and Android developers the opportunity to add real-time functionality to their Java and Android client apps.

ASP.Net SignalR is an open source library from MS Open Tech that makes it simple to program server-side code to push content to connected clients as it happens, in real-time. While chat is often used as an example, you can do a whole lot more with SignalR. Applications that require high frequency updates from the server, such as real-time gaming, Line of Business applications or stock exchange monitoring applications are some additional examples. Check out the ShootR game for a demo of SignalR in action!

SignalR can be accessed from a variety of client devices. C# and JavaScript clients have been available for some time already. But with this new SDK, we are extending the reach of SignalR to other clients by providing an Android and Java library. As a result, Android and Java Web application developers can now build Android applications like JaBBR, a simple chat application, or Java desktop applications like this sample stock ticker application, with an ASP.Net back end.

To build an Android or Java client application using the new SignalR SDK, get the code from GitHub and check out the Readme file for instructions on how to integrate in your app.

So…what are you going to use SignalR for??

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