New Test Framework in Place for HTTP/2 Implementations

In our previous blog about HTTP/2 prototypes, we had briefly mentioned the need for some additional work to create a testing framework that would help implementers with interoperability testing. The idea of creating a testing framework was a result of previous discussions and a presentation by Michelle Lai from Microsoft at the Bellevue Meeting on 10/9-10/11 .

The project has come a long way through contributions from Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) and Akamai, and it now contains approximately 40 test cases covering client and server scenarios. This test framework was built using NodeJS and is cross platform. The framework is based on the implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol by Gábor Molnár.

Though Node does not support ALPN yet, this project can enable the protocol. Using this project, implementers may also test the HTTP/2 protocol with ALPN negotiation.

The testing framework is a community project. If you are an HTTP/2 implementer, please consider contributing test cases to the repository and exploring ways to integrate with your testing framework. .

We welcome your input! Feedback and questions can be shared on the http-devops mailing list.

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