Kinect Common Bridge adds Face Tracking and Voice recognition!

The newest release of Kinect Common Bridge makes it even easier to track faces and recognize speech in your C++ applications with Kinect for Windows.

This is the first update to the open source Kinect Common Bridge (KCB) released recently by MS Open Tech to make it simple to integrate Kinect for Windows scenarios and experiences in creative software development. The openFrameworks and Cinder communities have already adopted the Kinect Common Bridge. If you have been using either framework and experimented with KCB, you will find yourself right at home with its added capabilities. In the spirit of “focusing on the cool stuff” that motivates creative developers, starting the sensor and displaying a simple video treatment with face tracking can now be achieved in less than 10 lines of code! Incorporating Kinect for Windows magic in software experiences couldn’t be any easier…

clip_image002[3]       clip_image004[3]

Kinect for Windows SDK comes with support for C++ and C# development. In addition to the Kinect for Windows SDK, you can download the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit that offers precious guidance and samples to get started coding with Kinect for Windows (both are a prerequisite for KCB use).

The Kinect Common Bridge then aggregates the various helper libraries available in the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit samples, and exposes them through a single C++ API adapted to creative development.

You can find the Kinect Common Bridge on GitHub. Additionally, you can see how openFrameworks and Cinder are integrating the KCB in their openFrameworks Addon and Cinder block. Then it’s up to you to create the next Kinect based experience!

Adalberto Foresti
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
A Subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

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