New HTTP/2.0 Katana Prototype Available

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech), has updated the prototype of the HTTP/2.0 server based on the open source Katana project. The prototype has now been updated to the draft 09 implementable draft.

We strongly encourage developers to support this version of the protocol.

Please reference these links to access the end points available at

- (HTTP/2 Endpoint)

- (HTTPS end point with ALPN)

These can be accessed with either the client bundled with this project or any client that supports the HTTP/2.0 implementable draft.

Many implementations of the protocol have now been published, yet testing the interoperability between each remains ad hoc. As a result of previous discussions, we have created an interoperability test suite to support the project. To date, MS Open Tech and Akamai have generated approximately 30 test cases, based on this repository. The test framework uses Node.js and uses the http2 node module. The http2 node module is based on one of the implementations by Gábor Molnár.

Watch this space for more updates on HTTP/2.0.

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