New open source Windows Azure AD libraries for iOS and Android developers

MS Open Tech has released today alpha versions of two new open source libraries that enable iOS and Android developers to leverage the enterprise-level identity services of Windows Azure Active Directory (AD). For example, you can authenticate users of your cloud and on-premises Android applications through Microsoft services such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online, or through non-Microsoft services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. You can also synchronize your on-premises directory to Windows Azure Active Directory so that users can use one set of corporate credentials for single sign-on access to cloud-based resources, or take advantage of multi-factor authentication for additional security.

You can find the libraries in our github account here for iOS and here for Android. These are alpha versions, intended for testing and community feedback. In addition, we are releasing a .NET library for the JSON Web Token Handler, which makes it easier for .NET developers to consume and build upon the key building blocks of an identity management system.

The iOS and Android libraries are the result of ongoing collaboration between MS Open Tech and the Windows Azure AD team to enable the use of Azure AD from a wide variety of devices and programming languages. You can learn more about today’s announcement on the Azure AD Team blog here. This collaboration has also led to our release of an Azure AD library for Node.js developers in the past, and in the future we’re planning to build libraries for Windows RT, Java, and PHP developers.

We look forward for your feedback on the libraries, as well as your contributions to these open source projects. Our goal is to make your life easier by giving you the tools to add Windows Azure Active Directory’s comprehensive identity and access management features to your applications and services, and we welcome your ideas about how to achieve that goal.

Claudio Caldato
Lead Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.