New Open Development Model for Microsoft Enterprise Library

Sharing some great news for open source developers coming out of Microsoft Corporate’s patterns & practices (p&p) team - Grigori Melnik shared in his blog that his team today unveiled the Open Development Model for all application blocks which make up Microsoft Enterprise Library on CodePlex at

We at MS Open Tech think it’s cool to see this new approach come to come to life.

The p&p team says the new model is designed to offer more transparency, as all community members – including Microsoft - will adhere to the same process guidelines for making updates to the application blocks. The group has also refactored the Microsoft Enterprise Library repository into 10 individual CodePlex projects for easier consumption, and will continue to dedicate engineering resources both to curate community input and to ensure that ongoing development continues to match Microsoft’s high standards for quality.

Community members can contribute to the code base starting today. Input is also welcome regarding written guidance and hands-on labs.

If you would like to get involved, get more details here!