ORTC walkthrough and realtime communications interop demo at IETF 88

Earlier this week, representatives from the W3C Object RTC CG (community group) met with other interested attendees of IETF 88 in Vancouver to learn about the proposed Object RTC (ORTC) API and see an example of its use in a typical realtime communications scenario. The Object RTC API uses JavaScript objects to declaratively specify rather than an offer/answer model to negotiate the  information shared between the developer API and the underlying RTC protocols. For more information about the API and its history and evolution, see the blog post “MS Open Tech publishes first implementation of W3C ORTC to simplify Web-Based Real-Time Communications.”

The event, which took place on the opening day of the IETF 88 meetings, was sponsored by members of the Object RTC API CG including Hookflash and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. More than 30 people attended in person or remotely, including WebRTC implementers, ORTC advocates, and people wanting to learn more.

Robin Raymond, Chair of the Object RTC API CG, kicked things off with a tutorial on the ORTC API and some background on why a community has come together to collaborate on new API. Then Adalberto Foresti (MS Open Tech) showed how to use the ORTC API to implement a simple video chat scenario, including sample code developed by MS Open Tech and a live demo based on the draft ORTC spec. Throughout the event, participants offered a variety of interesting questions about comments about various design tradeoffs and architectural considerations.

You can find the slides from the event here, and a link to the full video will be posted on YouTube in a week or two.

It was great to meet developers interesting in realtime audio/video/data, and we’d love to see more developers join the Object RTC API CG and help the ORTC API evolve to meet the needs of developers and users in this important area. As Robin Raymond explained in the discussion, the CG’s members have a bias toward trying out new ideas in code to see how they work and prompt additional exploration and discussion, and this event was a great example of that approach in action.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the community toward our shared goal of a simple, reliable, standardized approach to realtime communications for the web. You can get involved by downloading the prototype here, or join the discussion in the W3C ORTC Community Group and contribute code to implementations in the ORTC GitHub repository. We’re interested in your feedback on how to best achieve the industry’s shared goals for web-based realtime communications in the browser.

ORTC walkthrough, Vancouver, BC - 11/3/2013

Robin Raymond (Object RTC API CG Chair) watches Adalberto Foresti (MS Open Tech) demonstrate an ORTC prototype implementation in action
Vancouver, BC – 11/03/2013