Goodness for JavaScript devs: spend less time testing your next JS project with BrowserSwarm

logoToday the Internet Explorer team, along with appendTo and Sauce Labs, announced the launch of BrowserSwarm, an open source tool that helps web developers automate how they test their JavaScript frameworks & libraries across devices and browsers. BrowserSwarm helps developers automate how they test frameworks & libraries across browsers. It’s powered through the cloud, allowing developers to save time setting-up multiple browser or device testing environments and precious server resources.

We are excited about this great news that ties back to the work we are doing to help make the web better. It accrues to our active participation in discussions in Standard Bodies and to the creation of HTML5Labs where we work with the community on advancing emerging standards such as WebRTC (CU-RTC-WEB, Video, Roaming), HTTP 2.0 or Pointer Events. We want to ensure developers building websites and web apps can count on a solid same markup and we think it is essential that they can benefit from free tools and resources like modern.IE and BrowserSwarm.

topframeworksBrowserSwarm will help developers spend less time testing and more time building interoperable frameworks and libraries. Check out the IE blog to learn how BrowserSwarm works and how to get started with testing your project.

As an open source project, BrowserSwarm is designed to use additional community resources to help make testing easier. With your support, it will grow to include, more projects, more test cases, and will support more places you store your code to (it’s just started with GitHub…). Go ahead and share your feedback if you have ideas on how to improve BrowserSwarm.

Questions?  Suggestions? Reach out to @IEDevChat.