You got it – Juju for Ubuntu on Azure

Windows Azure is living a charmed life as an open cloud platform. Today, Canonical and Microsoft Corp. announced that the open source cloud automation infrastructure project Juju now supports deploying Ubuntu-based services to Windows Azure.

Additionally, readily defined applications and services packaged in Juju Charms can now be deployed to the Microsoft cloud platform.

Read what the folks at Canonical had to say about how “Ubuntu on Windows Azure gets the Juju magic.”

This means that Ubuntu users can use Juju with its intuitive GUI to design and deploy sophisticated application infrastructure instantly into Windows Azure.

Fresh Ubuntu Certified images for all supported Ubuntu releases are currently available on Windows Azure delivered with fast, highly available local archives to keep you up to date. With Juju support on Windows Azure you can now deploy over 100 services (Juju Charms) onto your Windows Azure Ubuntu instances. With service relations and scaling built into Juju, automating your cloud infrastructure has never been easier. To keep the user experience optimal Juju leverages Simple Stream cloud data to automatically know which Windows Azure cloud image is the freshest for a given release and region so you don’t have to worry about image IDs and keeping up with the latest published images.

Juju support for Windows Azure is a major milestone, as it underscores our commitment to delivering ease of use and portability of applications across the most popular cloud providers. Being able to design and deploy services using the same tool and process, irrespective of the deployment target, is invaluable. Being able to take a whole set of applications and reproduce the exact same setup on another cloud within minutes gives cloud users real choice.

We’re glad to see Microsoft and Canonical partner to help make it easier to onboard open source technologies on Windows Azure.

Now is a great time to spin up your infrastructure on Windows Azure with Juju. Canonical is running a competition with $60,000 in prize money. Simply deploy your clever infrastructure on Windows Azure and export with the Juju GUI and you could bring home a prize. Further details are on the Juju Charm Championship home page.

For more information on getting the Juju client set up on Ubuntu, or Windows to deploys workloads into Windows Azure head over to

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