Summer activity for iOS and Android devs: learn how to build Windows Phone 8 apps

Looking for some fun activities to do in August? Here is some for you, iOS and Android devs! How about getting started on building apps for Windows Phone 8?

If you are an iOS or Android developer (or both), you certainly have considered building apps for Windows Phone. Here are some resources to help you find your way through and rapidly extend your skill set to Windows Phone development leveraging what you already learned while building apps for iOS and Android.

The first place you need to know is the Windows Phone Dev center which offers all the information you need to find the tools, understand the processes, get your developer account setup, etc.

An excellent series for WP8 development absolute beginners has also been published recently that you might want to take a look a:

Finally we wanted to provide additional material that would complement all this great content putting ourselves in the seat of an iOS or Android developer.

You can find these WP8 guides for iOS and Android developers here:

Please let us know what you think commenting on this post, and have a great summer full of great activities and coding.

4 thoughts on “Summer activity for iOS and Android devs: learn how to build Windows Phone 8 apps

    • Hi Šime Vidas
      These guides are for iOS and Android developers to apprehend Windows Phone 8 native development using C# or C++. That said, Windows Phone 8 offers a WebBrowser control (similar to iOS and Android Webview controls) that allows you to wrap HTML5/JS code into a native application. You can also consider using cross platform solutions like Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap) that fully support Windows Phone 8 if you want to do HTML5 development for Windows Phone 8.
      – Olivier