Sublime Text, Vi, Emacs: TypeScript enabled!

TypeScript is a new open and interoperable language for application scale JavaScript development created by Microsoft and released as open source on CodePlex. You can learn about this typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript reading Soma’s blog.

At Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. we are thrilled that the discussion is now open with the community on the language specification: you can play (or even better start developing with TypeScript) with the bits, read the specification and provide your feedback on the discussion forum. We also wanted to make it possible for developers to use their favorite editor to write TypeScript code, in addition to the TypeScript online playground and the Visual Studio plugin.

Below you will find sample syntax files for Sublime Text, Vi and Emacs that will add syntax highlighting to the files with a .ts extension. We want to hear from you on where you think we should post these files for you to be able to optimize them and help us make your TypeScript programming an even greater experience, so please comment on this post or send us a message.

TypeScript support for
Sublime Text
TypeScript support for
TypeScript support for

Olivier Bloch
Senior Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

42 thoughts on “Sublime Text, Vi, Emacs: TypeScript enabled!

    • Naa, C# to JS is kindy uncool. Even look at the example at sharpkit you even have to write more than it outputs…

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    • We are working at updating the extensions and also looking into netbeans. Stay tuned and thanks for the interest!
      – Olivier

  2. Please put a license on the vim and sublime text syntax files. Releasing code without a license is extremely dangerous to the open source community, especially when it’s coming from a mega-corp.

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    • Hi Justin
      We didn’t create a textmate bundle ourselves. We are refreshing the existing ones and are looking at other ones right now. Stay tuned for some updates soon.
      – Olivier

      • Olivier any progress on the textmate1.5 plugin? Marcos, I am sure webstorm is great but having tried it briefly it did not seem to be setup to allow me to target multiple haxe targets with the same code base and the interface was overly complex, I don’t much care to have an editor per language and also the cost of webstorm seems a lot more than textmate. I have tried many editors and I still like to use textmate (or flashdevelop) for my coding.

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  8. This TypeScript editor for Eclipse is also worth mentioning:

    Code completion, TypeScript search, code navigation, code editing, TypeScript perspective, and adding TypeScript definitions from the catalog – that’s nice!

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