• Salt: How and Where You Host is up to You

    Salt is a configuration management system that can be used to manage Microsoft Azure virtual machines (nodes). Salt ensures these nodes are in a known and desired state and delivers a dynamic communication bus for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management and other tasks. Later today, Joseph Hall of SaltStack and … Read More

  • Redis for Windows 2.8.19 released

    MS Open Tech has released Redis for Windows version 2.8.19, available as redis-64 packages for Chocolatey and Nuget. You can also download full source code from the Redis on Windows repo on GitHub. Redis is a popular open source in-memory data structure server known for high performance and offering support for key-value pairs, hashes, … Read More

  • Predictive monitoring and control at SLAC with Machine Learning and ConnectTheDots.io

    The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in a pilot with MS Open Tech that demonstrates predictive monitoring and control for one of the SLAC’s particle accelerator beam’s cooling systems. The pilot encompasses Microsoft Azure IoT services and the open source project ConnectTheDots.io. At the forefront … Read More

  • Swarms of Docker Machines

    Microsoft’s contributions to the Docker ecosystem continue to roll on. Today we announced a number of improvements to our Docker support on Azure, most notably Docker Machine support for Azure and Hyper-V and support for Docker Swarm. These are included in the latest releases from the Docker project. Work is also … Read More