• High-performance SequoiaDB available to developers worldwide via VM Depot

    SequoiaDB is an open source, distributed NoSQL document database, created by the Chinese software company of the same name. A set of NoSQL database benchmark performance tests conducted by Bankmark UG in December 2014 found that SequoiaDB performs competitively with other open source offerings. In order to support a growing … Read More

  • Concurrency in OpenCV for Modern Windows Apps

    MS Open Tech has just made a code contribution to the OpenCV project that introduces support for concurrency in Modern Windows. This contribution comes hot on the heels of our recent work to enable OpenCV on Modern Windows devices. By parallelizing certain types of computations across multiple CPU cores, we … Read More

  • Announcing the ANGLE wiki!

    We’re pleased to announce that our ANGLE repository now features a wiki, which contains useful information to help you use ANGLE in your Windows Store application.   The wiki contains: * Guides to help you get started with ANGLE in the Windows Store * Tips and tricks to get good … Read More

  • AllJoyn demonstrated on Windows 10 and on .Net Micro Framework at WinHEC

    AllJoyn was everywhere at the renewed Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) Summit in Shenzhen, China this year. The open source framework developed by the AllSeen Alliance, which enables interoperability among connected devices to create dynamic proximal networks, hit the prime time. Demoed on Windows 10 IoT during the keynote presented by Kevin Dallas (General Manager, … Read More