• Join the Challenge to Build a Cocos2d Modern Windows game using C++ or JavaScript

    We are delight to announce that a coder contest start today (during the Cocos2d developer conference at the Beijing International Convention Center). Develop a Cocos2d game in C++ or JavaScript (see our last announcement here), amaze us (and your peers) with a hot new app and publish it in the … Read More

  • You can now use JavaScript to build Cocos2d-x Games for Modern Windows

    MS Open Tech has just contributed JavaScript support for Cocos2d-x for Modern Windows. With this version of the popular “Cocos” family of technologies, named Cocos2d-JS, developers who like to program in JavaScript can now create Cocos2d games that will run on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 platforms. As … Read More

  • High-performance SequoiaDB available to developers worldwide via VM Depot

    SequoiaDB is an open source, distributed NoSQL document database, created by the Chinese software company of the same name. A set of NoSQL database benchmark performance tests conducted by Bankmark UG in December 2014 found that SequoiaDB performs competitively with other open source offerings. In order to support a growing … Read More

  • Concurrency in OpenCV for Modern Windows Apps

    MS Open Tech has just made a code contribution to the OpenCV project that introduces support for concurrency in Modern Windows. This contribution comes hot on the heels of our recent work to enable OpenCV on Modern Windows devices. By parallelizing certain types of computations across multiple CPU cores, we … Read More